Nokia Lumia 710 bootloader Install, Restore

Folks at XDA have made the NSS available for download. What this means to us that one will now be able to install and restore the boot loader with a single click. Quick description of the software:

Lumia 710 bootloader restore
Read PMM button – reads the PMM partition with Nokia specific values(product code, MAC addresses, et), you can edit in the boxes
Write PMM button – writes back to the partition a selected value (via Update checkbox)

Install button – use this to quickly install Qcom loader on 710(no way to load on 800 as the cert is checked)

Parse FS button – you can use this to test NSS partition parser and compare against 3rd party tool, to make sure something catastrophically wrong will not happen during recovery

Restore button – This will attempt to recover the Nokia production loader (so called DLOAD)  via raw NAND write into partition 2 of the connected phone. Make sure you start in Normal mode as NSS will need to check phone type and battery value (to make sure wrong file is not written to 800, or if the battery is critically low)

Here are the instructions:

1. Download the new version
2. Extract to a folder, start the program
3. Insert the 2 loaders in \loaders\special\wp7\ – the qualcom file: RM803_12w07_prod_generic_nokia_osbl.esco,
posted by xorizont Links - 12, second file: RM803_11w48_prod_raw_nokia_osbl.bin. Link
4. Go to Flashing->WP7 Tools

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