Best Browsers for Windows Phone

images (4)Browsers are getting more competitive with each passing day. Chrome and Firefox release 72 new editions every week, Microsoft have completed redesigning process of Internet Explorer to make it more friendly to the finger, and as we all are indulging themselves in the smart phones with different types of smart phones with operating systems like ours, Android and windows that’s why we are lured with different types of browsers.

But finding the best browser that suits well for all of you and your hardware needs is really difficult.

There are many big browsers in the list like, Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 19, Safari 5, Chrome 25 and Opera 12 – on a Core i5 PC running Windows 8 Pro.

Every browser from this list performed flawlessly irritable in everyday browsing, but when they passed through a series of test to check how far they will go without falling on its features and performance. Then, the Best browsers for windows phone is distinguished from the long list of browsers for windows phone.

First of all we discuss the best browser for add-onsimages (2)

Firefox is the best browser when we talk about add-ons, even with its upgrade to version 19. Firefox has always been the ruler here, its blend of add-ons, App Tabs for web apps and Greasemonkey scripts building it as the power user’s companion. But Chrome is also performing with very fast speed; its Web Store is completely jam-packed. Although, Apple and Microsoft’s choices are quite low, but Opera’s selection consists of normally employed add-ons like, ad blockers, password managers and many others.

Opera is worthy of an exceptional mention here because it’s more than just a browser. It has incorporated email, newsgroups and IRC chat, the Opera Unite file server, Opera Turbo to improve performance on crappy mobile connections, and Sidebar-style widgets for games, web apps and utilities.

The best browser for Windows 7 and Windows 8

Which browser you should use from all these, IE facilitates in adding all sorts of toolbars to its simple interface. Safari is the slowest here, and the user interface is also very much unattractive.

IE’s performance is really amusing these days it is really faster, comfortably much forward than its rivals, and now every browsers is trying to apply the minimalist approach as there is nothing much available with UI with the addition of third-party toolbars. For unmatched speed on windows phone 7 IE is the best browser to use.

Similarly for the new touchy-feely direction of Windows 8 IE is great, with its Metro/Modern mode. It offers a very intricately created a touch-based browser, though it does not support Flash. Firefox has a Metro edition under development, but it is still not fully ready to show its best performance.images (3)

Thus, Internet Explorer is the best and unmatched winner and among the Best browsers for windows phone.

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